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Holidays bring us the best of both worlds, don’t they? We all look forward to being around loved ones and stuffing ourselves with home cooked food, but somehow we always end up steering away from our fitness path. But you don’t have to! It’s time to stay in-tune with your body, and these tips for staying healthy & active over Thanksgiving will help you shy away from gaining those extra pounds!

Portion sizes!

Who can resist filling up their plate with as much food as possible? This thanksgiving, be careful with your portion sizes. Try only serving yourself fist sized portions of food at one time. We frequently stuff ourselves with too much food and it’s because we are eating too much food at once. In result, our brain does not have enough time to tell us that we’re full and to stop eating. Eating small portions will help monitor our calorie intake and will allow us to feel fuller on a smaller amount of food. Give yourself some time to digest!

Grab the veggies and protein!

Not only do portion sizes matter, but the kind of food you grab matters too! When you look at your big buffet of food, grab the more nutritious foods like vegetables and meats! All of those nutrients and protein will do your body more good than grabbing the desserts and gravy! Protein will also fill you up faster than the fattier foods.
Try some at home workouts!

You do not need a gym to be able to get a great work out in! Instead of waiting for dinner to be ready, work out at home! You can look up several great at home workouts on the Internet, just search “at home interval training” or even YouTube some work out videos if you prefer to have someone coach you!

Walk off that dinner!

After that delicious dinner with your loved ones, try going on a walk. Walking after eating helps aid in digestion and burns a couple extra calories right before bed!

The only way you can achieve your fitness goals is by staying on a consistent track. This Thanksgiving, do not let the holiday cheer distract you too much. Balance is key and you can have a good time while also maintaining your fitness and diet!