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30 Day Semesters, Customized Programming and The Best Team Workout in Chicago

Stations around the studio: Rowing, Cycling, Conditioning and Weight Training
Members move through 15 minute blocks of time that vary based on the day and the semester. And in most sessions, you can expect to be surprised. The warm-up is generally one of the toughest portions of the session. It’s 100 percent full-body in nature. To optimize fat burning, members wear heart rate monitors during the workout. The 45-minute interval-based class is designed to help their heart rates reach the target THE SWEAT ZONE for at least 20 to 35 minutes. It’s all these things and more that make it the best team workout in Chicago.

Getting in THE SWEAT ZONE produces what exercise scientists call the “EPOC” effect, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption— known as the after-burn.

EPOC occurs when our bodies require excess oxygen after a workout in order to return ourselves to our normal physiologic steady state. The best way to think of EPOC is a way for your body to pay off an ‘oxygen debt’ after an intense workout. This is why our bodies are able to burn more calories after working out.

Besides the extra calorie boost from EPOC, research continues to suggest the health benefits of interval training.

Watching your heart rate progress on the overhead TV screen can help keep you motivated as well as, ensuring that you are working smart and not over working anaerobically.

The TSP trainers spend time with members to make sure they are doing it right. With the maximum of 10 members in session it allows TSP coaches to focus on each members form and effort.

TSP’s sweat session can burn up to 1,000 calories, and many of our members can attest to the regimen’s results, all while being part of a team.

“The Sweat Principle has completely changed the way I workout every day. I love having a 45-minute session where everything is already laid out and all I have to do is come in and give it my all. The best part for me is that I feel like I’m part of a team! Having a coach that encourages you and seeing your teammates working just as hard really motivates me to push harder every single day! The bumping music is also an added BONUS!!!” – Ernesto Ochoa, TSP & RNG Member