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Every day at River North Gym in downtown Chicago, we have amazing members and employees doing great things. There is so much success happening, it’s nearly impossible to honor it all! Each month, we like to take the opportunity to choose an employee and a member who have stood out above the rest in their efforts over the past month. You’ll see why River North Gym offers the best in Chicago personal training as well as provides the best fitness community for our members and our employees!


“When I first showed up at RNG I had one goal and that was to gain my strength back and lose weight. My Personal Trainer Andrew Richards refuses to let me slow down and every workout is an exhausting struggle and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I put tenacity into every set and improve with every rep. Andrew refuses to let me slow down and every workout is an exhausting struggle and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So far Andrew has helped me lose 15 lbs and regain a chunk of my strength. Normally, the motto for me is if I’m not nearly passing out each workout I didn’t work out hard enough. Andrew makes sure this is the case every workout, great guy and happy to be working with him”

Congratulations, Angel! You’ve earned this honor!

Congratulations to Kellie LaMay, River North Gym’s September Employee of the Month!

Kellie joined the RNG team as a Member Experience Ambassador in August and from her first day has been a smiling, positive burst of energy throughout the gym!

Whether she’s assisting members or taking on additional projects, she does it with an amazing attitude and is always excited to help her entire RNG team!

Congratulations, Kellie!