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River North Gym now has a brand new mobile application called River North Fitness!

The updated app now has several new features that are user friendly, and will amp up your workout!

Here are the 6 key features the new mobile app has to offer:

1.) Sign in without having your key tag

The new app now allows you to have your membership ID card on your mobile app profile! This is great for the instances you forget to bring your key tag to the gym, or if you just do not like to carry one around with you.

2.) Register for Group Fitness Classes

Want to shake up your work out routine and hop into a group fitness class? You can now access all of our classes through the app and make a reservation there! For classes like BARRE & BODYPUMP you have to make a reservation through the app 24 hours in advance.

3.) Track your Small Group Training (The Sweat Principle) Results

Members of our small group-training program The Sweat Principle can track their results from the classes they took through the app! Your heart rate monitor will also be synced with the app to make sure you can get the most accurate data possible!

4.) Track your Daily Workouts and Fitness Goals

Even non-members of The Sweat Principle can track their daily workouts with the app and can see how many calories you burned via heart rate monitor, the distance you completed, and it has the ability to hook up your personal heart rate monitor to the app as well! It’s a fun way of accurately tracking your fitness goals!

5.) Purchase Day Passes and Personal Training Packages

You can also use the mobile app to purchase day passes and personal training packages! Simple, Fast, and Easy!

6.) Refer a Friend

Want a workout buddy? You can also refer a friend via the app just by simply entering their contact information from your phone! If they choose to sign up with us, you will get one month free!

With all of these benefits and savvy features, who wouldn’t want to use it?

Download our mobile app River North Fitness now!

*If you have any troubles logging in or using the mobile app, please see the front desk on your next arrival or feel free to call us at 312-239-8282. Your previous login information for our discontinued mobile app will work with River North Fitness!