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These days, the gym is more than just a place to burn calories. It’s a place to unwind, blow off some steam and truly escape some of the many stressors of life. And while our Chicago gym is all of these things and more, it’s important to keep in mind that it is a shared space. Respect of your fellow gym members and the facility will help keep everyone happy and healthy!

Everything has a place:

Be sure to return something where you got it from. Equipment, mats and weights all have a place, so put them back where you found them. This also includes re-racking your weights when you are done with them, whether that be dumbbells from a free weight rack or plates you were using for squatting or bench pressing.

No one wants your germs:

Sure, it’s great you are having a productive workout, but that doesn’t mean that other members of the merchandise mart gym want your sweat all over the equipment. Before you return equipment, mat or weights back to its rightful place or before you depart from a machine, give it a good wipe down with the disinfectant provided.

Cell phone usage:

The gym is a great place to work out your body, not your mouth. This isn’t the time for an hour-long phone conversation with grandma. Also, save video chats and dance parties for outside of the gym. Use headphones when listening to music and if you need to answer a text message, do so away from equipment, as to not disrupt other member’s workouts.

Everyone is thirsty:

Of course we want you to stay hydrated, but if you find yourself needing to fill up your water bottle, be courteous of those who just want to sneak in for a quick drink of water. Let them come in quickly before you, and then continue to fill your water bottle.

No need to be so loud:

From grunting to screaming during your workout to mindlessly dropping and slamming weights, try your best to respect the space you are in and those around you. No, it’s not a library, but a gym is a common area that members are paying to use as a service. Plus, you don’t want to be “that person” that gets all the stares and eye rolls.