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Get the Most Out of Your Workout

Tired of not seeing results? Stop “starting over” again and again and let us help you get the body you deserve. Chicago personal trainers at River North Gym have personally helped their clients lose hundreds of pounds and meet numerous goals for years. And now, it’s your turn. Our team is comprised of the best personal trainers in Chicago that will provide you with fitness education, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle management. River North Gym has set the standard for the best gyms in Chicago by having an elite team of professionals with strong backgrounds in fitness and wellness, including Certified Fitness Specialists, Certified Weight Loss Specialists, Performance Enhancement Specialists, Corrective Exercise Specialists, Strength & Conditioning Specialists, numerous bachelors and masters degrees, and more.

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woman boxing

Experience and Expertise

When looking for a gym in River North Chicago, we know you have many options. The comprehensive experience of our weight loss professionals speaks for itself and we can’t wait to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are a business professional, a busy parent or just looking to change the way you look and feel, River North Gym is the local fitness gym that has all the tools and resources you need.

Read more about our training team below and how one-on-one personal training sessions can redefine your life.

before and after image of man
“Training with Hayden at River North Gym has helped me to realize what I can do physically and mentally when I really want to achieve my fitness goals. Seeing my results so far makes me even more excited to see how far I can continue pushing myself.” -Thomas H.
Thomas has lost 65+ lbs since training at River North Gym! Way to go, Thomas!



“Before joining I’d worked out sporadically before, but this time I really wanted to learn how to work out correctly. I decided the only way I was really going to get into it was to team up with a personal trainer. I’ve been training with Riley Hextell for most of the last 6 months, and it’s been a great experience. When I started, I was vaguely familiar with a few strength training exercises (bench press and squats). Riley helped me get on track by first evaluating my fitness and working with me to set fitness goals. We tracked body fat percentage and weight week by week to track progress. Riley was also great about giving me “homework” and helping plan my exercises for the week.

It was awesome to see the progress I made week over week, and now I’ve gained almost 20lbs of muscle and definitely feel stronger and more confident at the gym. I’m also not nearly as stressed as I was before starting lifting weights. Riley has helped me get into a serious routine, and now I’m there 5 days a week. If you’re looking for a great personal trainer, Riley’s definitely someone to ask about at the gym.”

Andrew W.

“Once upon a time, I walked into River North Gym and joined because it was conveniently located to work. It was great, but I was doing the same old things. Then I entered Jordan Prewitt’s HOUSE OF PAIN and signed up for personal training to make a change in my life and gain confidence at the gym. Sure, I nearly cried after my consultation out of fear for my wellbeing, but soon after I became freakin SHREDDED and learned that maybe I SHOULDNT have buffalo wings every week.

It doesn’t stop here! I gained a pal that 1) sends me pics of his puppy 2) doesn’t hate that I’m uncomfortably awkward and I GUESS 3) holds me accountable and makes sure workouts are fun and different. Jordan is a BOSS and doesn’t even hate when I sarcastically comment on his Instagram pics! River north gym was a great choice, I love the people and I love the facility. Happy to be a part of it! Also, Jordan Prewitt is the real MVP!”

Lizzie E.

“This gym has a great atmosphere and has everything I need to have an effective workout. The space may get crowded at times (especially after work hours) but I’ve never have trouble finding a spot to do my workout! Plus, this gym offers elite classes that are found at even the most popular gyms across the Chicagoland area – some of my favorites are the Les Mills workouts (i.e. BodyPump, CXWORX, etc.)

The equipment and facility are always clean and the staff are extremely friendly. Plus, the cost of this gym is SUPER reasonable! It has everything you need for a good price. I joined this gym because I work in the Merchandise Mart so it’s nice to be able to workout before (or during..or after) work. On that note, when I work out before work, the locker rooms are extremely useful to get ready in! They have large counter space, lots of storage, toiletries and decent showers.

RNG has good vibes, no judgement, and everything you need to get in an effective workout!”

Lindsay B.

“Best Gym in the city!!! You will find there the best community to workout with and motivate you. I immediately felt I belonged there… And if you’re looking for a trainer, you’ll meet at RNG the right one to push you way pass your goals and make you love the pain!!! Mine was Emily, an amazing coach who adapted to me, worked on my weaknesses, made me a way healthier person and enabled me to squat a human being… For the heck of it!!! Thanks Em, Thx RNG, soooo excited for the fun to come and for the new location!!!”

Raffaele A.

"I have been a member of RNG for at least three years. I'm thankful the RNG team goes to such extreme lengths to ensure that cleanliness and safety is their top priority for themselves and their members in these unusual times. The gym itself is well-equipped and hosts many virtual and in-person classes appealing to all interests, appropriately practicing social distancing and cleanliness.

All of the trainers and staff are pleasantly welcoming and approachable. I especially enjoy the many postings on FB/Instagram such as the mobility series hosted by Andrew Richards.

Bernie, the owner, truly has a special gift for creating a cohesive, highly-skilled, extremely knowledgeable and dynamic team.

Three days a week I am personal-training with Riley Hextell. I could not ask for a more inspiring coach/mentor. He encourages me to realistically goal-set and has helped me realize my inner confidence that I never knew I had. I feel truly honored to be his client.

If you are in the market to join a gym, I cannot express enough how impressed I am by RNG. You will not be disappointed. Thank you, RNG, for letting me be part of your family!"

Eric V.

"This is very well equipped gym. I trained with Riley for over an year. He helped me achieve my goals. He was incredibly patient with me throughout. He created a very detailed plan for me. He was also accommodating if I had to reschedule a session. I wholeheartedly recommend this gym and Riley in particular as your gym trainer."

Jai S.