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Group Fitness at the Mart*

Our schedule is packed full of group fitness classes that will get you closer to the goals you’ve identified for yourself. As one of the best gyms in Chicago, River North Gym offers a challenging and educational group fitness program for all experience levels. Simply click on the name of the class to read more about the class.

Schedule Your Group Fitness Class at The Mart

gym group class on rowing machine

Choose the Right Class for You

Establish your fitness goals before choosing a class. To choose a fitness class that is right for you, you must establish what you are looking to get out of taking the class! Are you looking to tone up, shed some weight or find more relaxation within your day? This will help guide you to the perfect class for you.

Learn your fitness level! There are thousands of Chicago group fitness classes out there, from beginner to advanced. At River North Gym, we have something for everyone – but you’ll need to know your fitness level before you dive in. Your free personal training assessment (you get 2!) is the best place to start, while also getting a better understanding of what your fitness and wellness goals really are! You’ll meet with a Chicago Personal Trainer who will answer all your questions. We guarantee you will walk away with more knowledge on both fitness and your own body!

Start Your Journey to a Better You