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At River North Gym, our mission is to provide every member of our fitness community the results they seek by supplying them with the proper tools and education.

Our community is rooted in the foundation of helping make every person who walks through our doors happy, healthy and better. When you join a community, you are joining a family, and in family, you can find strength and support. Our personal trainers are there for assistance in your journey, but we also welcome mutual encouragement from you, the member, to assist other members by cheering them along on their journey. Say hi to one another, chat, make a friend and figure out how to help each other become the best versions of yourselves! No one should walk their fitness journey alone, and that is why we state we are Chicago’s #1 fitness community.

River North Gym offers a variety of memberships to ensure we can meet your needs both physically and financially. We offer a clean, comfortable atmosphere with a wide selection of state-of-the-art equipment, group fitness classes, corporate memberships, personal training and much more! We look forward to you experiencing River North Gym**!

Activate Your FREE 3-Day Trial Membership Today*!

*If you are ready to join and believe you may be eligible for a preferred company partnership rate through your employer within the Merchandise Mart, please email us directly at

**3-day trial membership applies to LOCAL Chicago residents only. Must show identification upon trial activation.