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*During the club closures and global pandemic, please note that not all class-related content on this page is applicable. 

RIDE: 30

On a time crunch? We get it. Climb, sprint, jog and cycle to the beat in this condensed 30 minute class.

RIDE: 45

Our signature 45-minute cycle class with perfectly selected songs to keep you sweating through hills, jumps, and sprints.


This 45 minute class that takes you through boxing moves along with strength circuits. We show you the basics of boxing, and you’ll improve agility, coordination, and strength.


This barre-based workout that takes an athletic approach to the principles of ballet, pilates and yoga to achieve visible results. We combine innovative strength and resistance training, cardio and stretching to give you a full body workout where your muscles become stronger and leaner.


Combine attributes of pilates, dance, and functional fitness training in this class. We use small, isolated movements to fatigue the muscles, a large range of motion to elevate heart rate and sequencing that gives you a toned physique, better posture, increased flexibility, and unparalleled results.


Combine core strength, flexibility, and body weight sculpting for a total body workout. A low impact class for all fitness levels that will leave you feeling challenged.


Utilize different postures and breathing techniques in this traditional practice. Transition & flow from one move to the next in this moderate-tempo class. All fitness levels welcome.


Dive deeper into your yoga practice with poses that incorporate more strength, focus and flexibility. This class will take you to the next level. We encourage all levels to try to grow & explore their practice.


In this variation of Ashtanga yoga, you'll use breath to power through poses. Leave class feeling revitalized, energized and ready to take on challenges.


Where yoga meets muscle. Find flexibility, strength, and endurance in this class where you will use your own body weight and light weights to feel strong during and after class.

stRNG: HIIT 30

HIIT cardio, no treadmill required. Improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase speed, and crush calories.

stRNG: HIIT+ 45

The ultimate full body workout. You’ll be challenged with the perfect combination of strength, endurance and functional training. Our world-class coaches will keep your heart rate up as you sculpt your ideal physique.


We've put together a killer combination of cross-training, strength training, and HIIT aimed to burn fat, boost your metabolism, and, most of all, make you SWEAT! This class is a fan-favorite with the extra emphasis on lower body, glutes and your midsection.


30 minutes of cardio intervals followed by core intervals. Work your entire midsection from
front to back while breaking a sweat with perfectly timed HIIT intervals.


We take the WORK out of workout by mixing low and high intensity moves for an interval style calorie burning dance fitness party!


A fiercely fun dance fitness workout class based on current pop, rock and hip-hop music. This non-stop cardio class is designed to challenge you physically with achievable dance moves for all skill levels. Crush calories while dancing to your favorite songs!


A fun, all levels workshop inspired by the latest dance craze to your favorite song. Our choreographers will break it down in this class and get you to “perform” the song with confidence! You’ll be the center of attention at your next party after learning some new moves!


Ready for the best sweat sesh? This 30 minute class of treadmill work incorporates speed, inclines, and HIIT to maximize your efforts and calorie burn, all while improving your cardiovascular fitness. Using light weights and body resistance; expect to feel a full body workout in a short time.

[TAP] Total Athletic Performance

Athletes don’t do random workouts, and you shouldn’t either. Total Athletic Performance is River North Gym’s signature 45-minute, full-body workout that gives you the “I can do anything!” feeling. Who doesn’t want that? Our schedule alternates between strength-focused and cardio/conditioning-focused workouts.

Free Group Fitness Class at RNG

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