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Yoga has been proven to help with managing stress levels, aid in healing physical aliments, while also adding a positive change to workout routines.

Gamma-Amino Butyric acid (GABA) is an amino acid which acts as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. It inhibits nerve transmission in the brain, calming nervous activity. Studies have shown that the brain’s GABA levels spike after just 1 hour of yoga. Higher GABA levels mean lower levels of anxiety and depression! Can’t sleep at night? In a Harvard study, they found that 85% of people that participated in Yoga had reduced stress levels and over 55% sleep through the night better. Which means practicing yoga in the morning or at night adds several health benefits.

Several scientifically tested studies like a NCCIH-funded study also discovered that adding yoga created positive changed for a large population of people. They tested a group of 90 people with chronic back pain and found that participants who practiced yoga had significantly less disability, pain, and depression after 6 months!

Not only does Yoga help with healing the body physically, it also pushes the body to burn calories more efficiently. Yoga constantly challenges your balance, strength, and flexibility; According to One Medical; doing the same work out routine frequently can cause the body to reach a fat burning plateau where the body will stop burning an efficient amount of calories. Adding yoga to a work out routine will help vary an exercise routine resulting in burning more calories.

Yoga has several healing benefits along with also adding an amped up change to a typical work out routine. The best part – you can take advantage of the positive changes yoga can have on your life right here at River North Gym. Check out our Group Fitness Schedule to sign up for class, read about our different practice types & our instructors!

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